We aim at bringing a streamlined and fast offer to guarantee strength on the market and prompt response.

The Factory

Union of Technology and Intellect, we like to represent it as an industrial production line:

Factory is split into 3 areas:


Development and maintenance of IT systems, AS400, SAP.

Manage large workloads and high data flows on environments that operate for long time periods .
Thanks to our experience we cover any Mainframe area of expertise:
Systems engineering, Application, Project management, Business management.


Assessment, design and development of desktop, mobile and web apps.

We deal with project management, technical evaluation, application creation, integration testing, support for customer testing phases.
Compatibility with critical applications that cannot be adapted to more traditional systems, redundant design, Big Data management, Analytics.


IT security management for finance sector.

We coordinate and manage on behalf of our customers in the finance sector, the profiling and access of internal and administrative users, profiling of host and departmental customers, support for internet browsing and irregularities in ticketing system.

Supports the problems arising from the group’s competence centres and research:

In addition to developing software, it may support all that comes from Delivery as evolutionary and / or corrective of AM (Application Management).


We rely on our best skills to the benefit of customers in order to support them at 360 °.

Business consultancy
Supply of tools to guide the company in the commercial sector

Functional advice
Provision of experts in certain working/procedural areas

Organisational consultancy
Supply of PM/PMO able to better organise the project activities

Technical advice
Supply of competent specialists of the technologies requested by the customer

Logico's Services

We carry out a preventive evaluation of requirements and IT equipment in the company in order to provide the best solution at the best price. Thanks to Logico’s great adaptability and also to the continuous evolution of the market and technology, our professionals can carry out a free analysis aimed at grasping the particular needs of customers and then proposing the most suitable strategy with the maximum possible performance.

It allows the use of software remotely, making applications and data accessible from anywhere and with any device. We offer this service – for all Logico modules – to also optimise expenses and reduce operating costs. In addition, cloud management allows you to drastically reduce the number of physical servers at our customers and, therefore, energy consumption.

The management systems we develop must be valid tools at the service of those who need to perform the specific functions of a company’s operating flow. For this reason, the correct knowledge of the software is essential to be able to use it at its best and make users independent. We organise training courses on the use of Logico products that are carried out at customers premises to better define with them the most relevant functions and transfer the necessary concepts. The training services are alternatively carried out at our offices and / or remotely.

Rental Formula allows you to use all Logico products by Genio Sa without heavy investments relating to the purchase of licences. Safety and reliability are the main features of this service allowing you to have your data available anytime and anywhere, both in the office and at home. Furthermore, as a rental solution, it does not require the purchase of a programme, but, inclusive of the monthly installment, it provides the customer with a whole series of services, such as: use of the chosen management programme, updates, safety copies and contract of assistance. Genio Sa takes care of daily data backup, information security (Firewall, Antivirus, etc.) and system monitoring. A team of experts is always at your service, to give you online assistance and advice on our products.

We keep Logico products constantly updated to effectively respond to market developments. Many updates are improvements resulting from a further analysis by our technicians, sometimes thanks to the comments or suggestions coming from our users. Others may be suggested by specific changes to current regulations.

Our priorities always remain security and privacy of data we process on behalf of customers and information relating to their business systems. We offer the most modern and sophisticated security technologies (firewalling, intrusion detection, content filtering, internet control) aimed at regulating internal traffic and blocking intrusions from outside. We guarantee the adaptation and compliance with the new GDPR regulations.

Our team of valid and qualified professionals remains available to support you even after the training phase, responding promptly within 24hr to customer support requests received via email and/or by telephone.

Infrastructure Services

We offer services and technologies for the digitalisation of infrastructures:











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