Logico Wages

Logico Wages - Salaries Management

Strong point of Genio Sa products, Logico Wages allows the complete management of employees – from the printing of pay slips to summary accounts AVS, SUVA, salary certificates up to the accounting. The module can be perfectly integrated with all management software supplied to companies.

Logico Wages takes advantage of Swissdec 4.0 Certification and allows the electronic transmission of data to Swiss insurance bodies (AVS, LAINF, LAINFC, IGM and LPP), to the withholding taxes in all 26 cantons and to the Federal Statistical Office, avoiding to fill in several forms.

Logico Wages is a highly performing and user-friendly programme; allows the management of payrolls in multiple languages and available in 11 different types of predefined layouts.

Employee Management

  • Personal data of collaborator;
  • Family situation (marital status, family, family allowances);
  • Employment relationship (contract, duration and degree of employment, workplace, basic salary data, insurance codes - AVS, AD, LAINF, LAINFC, IGM, LPP);
  • Statistical data for internal and / or Swissdec use;
  • Parameters for tax liability at source;
  • Setting of recurring items (fixed repayments, LPP, etc.);
  • Setting of variable items (advances, hours, sickness, reimbursements km, etc.);
  • Data for Salary Certificate;
  • Management of holidays and overtime;
  • Ability to send documents (e.g. Payroll and Salary Certificate) as an attachment directly to employees' emails through the convenient Logico Email that grants this functionality.

Company Data Management

  • Branch Management;
  • Management of contribution tables;
  • Parameter management.

Wage Generation Management (or Pay Items)

  • GS Swissdec Data Library;
  • Ability to create any type of pay item;
  • Management of saved days for holidays / holidays / thirteenth month salary;
  • Code setting according to CCL;
  • Setting up accounts for wage accounting (global, by CoC, by department);
  • GS setting for Salary Certificate;
  • Management of favourites.

Tax management at Source (IF)

  • Management and updating of tables for all cantons (subscription service);
  • Guided selection for the production of IF code.

Monthly and summary accounts

  • Electronic payments management (DTA) in ISO20022 format with the possibility of managing advances and payments to third parties;
  • Accounting enrolment with summary data for the recording in general accounting;
  • Possibility of accounting wages on the 3 levels of cost centres towards Genio Sa modules or third parties;
  • Control reporting;
  • Swissdec 4.0 standard reporting;
  • Possibility of data extrapolation through the creation of customised forms.

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