Logico Real Estate

Logico Real Estate

Logico Real Estate manages, in a simple and intuitive way, all the necessary functions to a correct and accurate administration of income buildings. It can be further customised according to more specific and particular requests from real estate operators. Logico Real Estate talks to all the other management systems on the market and, as with other sector modules, the integration with Accounting module allows the complete administrative management of the company.

Rental management

  • Personal data of tenant with subdivision between private and company;
  • Stipulation of rental contract with settings: type and duration of rental, rent, advance payment, n. of occupants, start and end of lease, exit date or cancellation deadline with no. months of notice;
  • Print CATEF facsimile lease agreement;
  • Management of maintenance contracts or of particular additional services (e.g. heating operation);
  • Management of rent invoicing and expense account for monthly instalments;
  • Print payment slips per tenant;
  • Selection of monthly deadlines;
  • Account statement for tenant with selection by period of the invoiced installments paid or still to be paid.

Building management

  • Building registry data: name and address;
  • Setting the type of building together with any relevant objects or areas with the relevant descriptions: eg, flat with garage, shop with n. of parking spaces, etc .;
  • Distribution of surfaces for buildings and objects in square meters or cubic meters;
  • Setting fixed or variable expenses for maintenance building or additional services: e.g., heating operation with start / end period and possible fuel adjustment.

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