Logico POS

Logico POS

By simulating a traditional cash register, Logico POS manages the shop with simplicity and efficiency, adapting to the different needs of the commercial activity. The intuitive interface allows the user to search for the item, define the payment method and finally print the receipt. Integrated with other Logico modules, Logico POS manages the warehouse, gets data ready for accounting and updates the lists.

General functions

  • Functions of the “cash register” type screen;
  • Search article by different codes like EAN, supplier code etc .;
  • Possibility to use a bar code reader;
  • Management of the "cashier" screen, completely customisable (with addition and customisation for buttons, disabling unused functions, screen colours, etc.) in order to make the functionality of the programme easier and more suitable for business needs;
  • Management of invoice / delivery note directly from the cashier;
  • Methods of payment with selection of payment type (e.g. cash, credit card, post card etc.) with calculation and change display.


  • Automatic transfer to the accounting for periodic cash operations with accounting of payment methods and related accounts such as cash, credit card, etc .;
  • Association with article or groups of revenue accounts.


  • Unload from the warehouse for sold / delivered items;
  • "Inventory" function for periodic implementation of warehouse control;
  • Display of the situation in the warehouse for the selected item with inventory management and any order (from supplier or customer).

Receipt print

  • Identification of company data (name, address, VAT);
  • Printing of company logo;
  • Items with indication of description, quantity, unit price, VAT code and percentage, total line.


  • Selection of different types of applicable VAT;
  • Price with VAT included or excluded;
  • Connection with general accounting module with VAT report printing.

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