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Logico Payroll Office - Temporary work agencies

Logico Payroll Office is a safe and intuitive management software, natural evolution of Logico Wages, integrating the specific needs of temporary work management in Switzerland with the management of salaries and employees of that module.

Logico Payroll Office is ideal when simplifying and completely automating business management from the offer up to billing, from payroll to cost centre management, by simply managing temporary staff and customer billing by detecting work hours for both billing and customer and for processing wages.

Thanks to its database structure, items search in archives is easy and extremely fast. It is possible to export documents (customers, collaborators, quotes, requests for intervention, inventories, various lists, etc.) in the main formats (.doc, .xls, .pdf).

You can preview each document on screen and print it or send it by e-mail using Logico Payroll Office directly.

Thanks to the controls and the workflow it drastically reduces the chances of error. The clear and complete reporting allows -through statistics- to evaluate the performance of collaborators, customers and cost centres. The strict tests to which the management software has been subjected by Suva technicians guarantee that Logico Payroll Office has no errors and is compatible with Swiss wage provisions. You can preview each document on screen and print it or send it by e-mail using Logico Payroll Office directly.

Specific additional functions

  • Personal database (possibility to create Curriculum Vitae lists, split by personal criteria);
  • Drafting of offers and loan contracts through the use of a price list created on purpose with the rates agreed upon between agency and its customer;
  • Ability to define sectors of use and all the CCLs, associating them both to the employee and the customer;
  • Management of all the CCL and possibility of evidence in the pay packet;
  • Possibility to choose the IF calculation with adjustment connected to the hours (total hours from CCL);
  • Insertion of job bulletins;
  • Periodic billing of the followed works;
  • Entering performed hours to create payslips;
  • Accounting invoices;
  • Pay totalisers containing agency costs;
  • Different statistics (e.g. employee productivity);
  • Integration with CRM software for customer and collaborator management.

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