Logico Exchange

Logico Exchange

Logico Exchange is the complete tool to facilitate exchange office operators in the management of sale and currencies purchase at the counter.
By means of intuitive prints, this module allows complete control of shop management.

It is possible to integrate Logico Exchange with other modules, such as Logico Accounting, Logico Commerce, for the complete management of all company activities.

Specific features and functionality

  • Simple and intuitive graphical interface;
  • Management of currency exchange activities;
  • Management of transfers;
  • Closures with calculation of profit for the period;
  • Closure reports;
  • Greater productivity, streamlining the delicate management of the exchange office, drastically reducing the possibility of losses due to errors;
  • Better operations and organisation, thanks to the organisation in information, and therefore greater precision in consignment and delivery of services;
  • Provides a complete and updated picture of chronology in real time.

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