Logico CRM

Logico CRM – Customers Relationship Management

Logico CRM is a valuable contact management tool ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises that want to optimise their operations and organisation, increase productivity and retain customers, thus making the company more efficient and modern.

Logico CRM allows the management of customer relations to always have a real-time view of them. Integrated with other Logico modules, it allows a functional and profitable management of the company.

Registry management

  • Creation of companies with personal data entry and selection among active customers, potential customers, suppliers, shippers and agents;
  • Creation of customer agent or supplier agent with relevant commissions in percentage and / or fixed amount;
  • Insertion of contact persons for companies with relevant positions;
  • Distinction between companies: active, blocked, cancelled, suspended or potential.

Company data management

  • Entering appointments with place, date, time and reason;
  • Personalisation of scheduled commitments (e.g. appointment, phone call, offer, campaign);
  • Insertion of key fields that best categorise the company (e.g. business purpose, market, product family);
  • Creation of customised groupings of the aforementioned fields (by group, category and sub-category) to allow searches on the database with all necessary filters.

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