Logico Commerce

Logico Commerce – Orders/Invoices Management

Logico Commerce solves, in a simple and efficient way, all the problems related to sales management. This module includes, in fact, the fulfillment of orders and the drafting of offers, the registration of passive invoices and the issue of active ones, the billing with deferred invoicing including the possibility of managing prices / discounts / commissions, invoices with ISR policies , the management of commercial warehouse (loading / unloading, LIFO / FIFO) and much more, always according to the specific needs of companies.

Genio Sa creates functional but complete management systems, customised according to the specific needs of small and medium-sized enterprises to support them in managing their daily work in the best and efficient way. For this reason, Logico Commerce is ideal for any type of business: service and commercial companies; banks and financial institutions; construction companies; workshops and body shops; transport and import / export companies; law firms; trustees; pharmaceutical companies; car dealers ; shops and restaurants; wineries and food: consultancy firms; architects and engineers offices ; bodies and associations; university, etc.

Article management

  • Articles registry with possibility of setting families, categories and groups or subgroups;
  • Chart to create and set required measurements units;
  • Purchase price and sale price fields for each single item;
  • Bar code field with data loading / unloading by means of an optical pen.

Document management

  • Creation of customer documents such as customer offer, customer order, delivery note and customer invoice;
  • Creation of supplier documents such as the purchase order, goods receipt and supplier invoice;
  • Management of supplies or partial receipts with closing flags both for the whole document and for the single position.

Warehouse management

  • Management of goods receipt for each item by code, description or bar code with configuration for the use of an optical pen;
  • Display of incoming/outgoing operations by single item;
  • Ability to manage several warehouses in other locations.

Cash management or POS (Point of Sale)

  • Management of cash out via PC or "touch screen";
  • Customer selection from the customer database or "neutral" for individuals;
  • Selection of article by code, by description or bar code with the use of optical pen;
  • Selection of payment methods, eg cash, credit card or "after invoice" agreed payment condition.

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