Logico Attendance

Logico Attendance - Staff attendance management

Logico Attendance is the perfect management system for correct and easy management of attendance detection and access control for collaborators. This product is adaptable to any type of company and needs; it is complete in the detected information and, of course, complies with GDPR and Swiss employment regulations *.

To be combined with “Logico Time” electronic time clock, be it the biometric fingerprint reader model (with door opener functionality) or the RFID card reader model. Logico Attendance and Logico Time are a practical and reliable technological solution, that can be installed in a short time, allowing customisable access and changes of them at any time.

You can install multiple terminals to have multiple access coverage on a single database or create a network of terminals that can be controlled from a single remote location.

Work hours management

  • Creation of entry and exit times according to the departments (e.g. shop, warehouse, office);
  • Creation of time bands based on the position of the collaborator (e.g. worker, employee, manager);
  • Inserting break times;
  • Time tolerance setting (in minutes) on clocking in/out;
  • Setting non-work hours and therefore not allowed to calculate any salary;
  • Setting time and work hours to calculate overtime.

Attendance data management

  • Employee / employee registry data;
  • Import of punching in/out from «Logico Time»;
  • Daily check and records for month-end data processing;
  • Report irregularities or clocking in/out failure with option of manual corrections;
  • Historical check by period for single employee or department;
  • Real-time monitoring: collaborators currently here;
  • Creation and insertion of justifications for single absences (e.g. holidays, leave, illness, maternity, accident);
  • Creation and insertion of justification due to absence of group (e.g. holidays, summer closing, Christmas closing);
  • Generation of the official list * of collaborators attendance by day or selected period;
  • Calculation of monthly worker’s hours per employee with data available for export to the "Logico Payroll" module.

(* Law articles : 73b OLL 1 and 46 LL)

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