Logico Accounting

Logico Accounting - General accounting management

Logico Accounting is a very efficient modular system, flawless for any company, regardless of size and development, because it manages the Swiss accounting functionally through its general and financial accounting, debtor and creditor accounting and analytical accounting sections.

Logico Accounting, in fact, manages the control of debtors, the management of payments, warehouse, financial statements, VAT declarations , foreign currencies, standard account plans (Käfer, PMI, CEE) that can be customised, the printing of invoices and any other need for a correct and professional management of company accounting.

Though it has very advanced features, Logico Accounting is easy and intuitive. Tested and appreciated for over 15 years thanks to its versatility and its graphic interface, too, it is the ideal tool for the financial control of the company, that can also be integrated with the whole range of Logico modules, especially Logico Commerce, Logico Wages and Logico POS, and with the most of management software on the market.

Account Management

  • Debtor and creditors documents;
  • Account settlement with detection of rebates and exchange differences;
  • ISR collections and payments with new ISO 20022 xml format;
  • General accounting and the possibility to manage recurring postings with models;
  • Possibility to import accounting data from XLS;
  • Closing/opening fiscal year management with result detection;
  • Management of periodic exchange alignment;
  • Accrual management;
  • Depreciation management;
  • Credit limit management;
  • Management of budget reclassifications.

Data Management

  • Company setting and default parameters (base currency, purchase account, credit account, revenue account and debtor account);
  • Setting the company VAT system (e.g. on turnover or cashed), summaries and reports;
  • Foreign VAT management setting;
  • Setting personal data of debtors (Customers) and creditors (Suppliers);
  • Chart of accounts with various grouping levels, with specification of default data (e.g. opposite account or cost centre) and with the possibility of reclassification;
  • Budget reclassification with the definition of models customised by customer;
  • Setting of document types: invoices, down payments credit notes, periodic contracts;
  • Setting terms, methods and starting date of payments;
  • Setting currencies and loading historical currencies;
  • VAT code settings;
  • Setting up guarantor banks and incomes management (ISR);
  • Multilevel cost centres (CoC) and statistical data.

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