Company Profile

Genio - Business IT Solutions

Genio SA is a consolidated Ticino enterprise, founded in 2004, that aims at developing management software as its core business.

Who we are

Genio SA is the ideal partner to temporary work agencies, trustees, property developers, law firms, and, in general, SMEs.

Our strength is the creation of software, tailored to the needs of our customers, customised to meet the particular needs of different professional and commercial areas.

Our Mission

The most important aim of our company is based on a new vision of the world of information technology, characterised by the simplicity of provided data and the immediacy of the information required. Besides, we offer our customers a wide range of services in Software, Hardware and on-site assistance sectors, looking for the best “tailor-made solutions” and combining the best performance efficiency at low cost.

Our Team

We created a team with many years of experience in this sector and with appreciated professionalism. These features are made available to our customers in order to help them find the most suitable solution for each specific situation or problem.

Our Approach

We operate through a precise assessment of the needs and expectations that our customers would like to get in their own business context.
We create an appropriate integrated system that can solve problems along the way and provide the right tools that can give our customers an actual competitive advantage on the market.
Willingness, kindness and promptness are primary features of our way of operating.

Our Group

Genio SA is part of EOS group.

It is a consolidated Ticino company, founded in 2004, that aims at the development of management software as its core business.

ITC Company whose mission is to develop digital solutions thanks to the most innovative technologies on the market.

Our Customers

Projects carried out by the Group split by economic branch
Projects carried out by the Group split by functional area
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